DairyNZ and the New Zealand Institute of Rural Health (NZIRH) have formed a collaborative partnership to improve and support the health status of the dairy workforce, with a Health and Well-Being programme.

The Wellness and Wellbeing programme is funded by DairyNZ and is being undertaken by the New Zealand Institute of Rural Health. The programme is about providing an intersectoral approach in assisting people in the Dairy Workforce to improve their health and wellbeing so that they can meet the future dairy industry needs and requirements.

The proposed outcomes of the health and well-being programme will ensure the provision of a healthy, available, and skilled workforce that is well supported and contributes to improved on-farm and industry productivity.

Key elements of the programme are:

· Intersectoral Co-ordination

Health and Dairy Industry Stakeholders

· Health PitStops

Where dairy farmers will be able to undertake a range of personal and social wellbeing health checks.

· Research and Analysis

Dairy Farmers Illness Prevalence, Major Causes of Death, and Social Wellbeing.

The Programme will deliver to Dairy Farmers and their families:

· Promotion of Healthy Life Style

· Evidence Based Preventative Solutions

· Support of Safe Farm Practices