Health PitStops

The Health PitStop is a short assessment that provides farmers with immediate information “snapshot” about his/her health and if necessary provide an entry route into the health service. It is not intended to be an alternative to primary services provided by a General Practitioner. Referrals are advised when results fall outside an agreed set of parameters. The whole intervention was designed to take approximately 5-7 minutes to complete.

For the purposes of the Dairy Farmer Wellness and Wellbeing Programme, the Health PitStop is defined as a structured health assessment undertaken by health professionals and social researchers. There are three components; a set of questions that covered general statistics and demographics, a health history including physical health, safety protection and emotional wellbeing and thirdly, an assessment of five physical dimensions of health – height, weight, blood pressure, non fasting blood cholesterol and blood glucose.


Radio New Zealand Interview

Please find below an audio file from Radio New Zealand’s interview with Robin Steed, CEO, New Zealand Institute of Rural Health. Also a link to their website for their article “Push to improve dairy farmer health” re Health PitStops.

Audio File (1:48-4:00 mins)

Article – “Push to improve dairy farmer health”


Country99 TV Interviews

Please see below video from Country99 TV re Health PitStops.

The Chief Executive, Robin Steed was interviewed by David Beatson, Country99 TV in October 2011 to find out the outcomes of the 2011 Health PitStops (start from 18:40 mins).