New Zealand Institute of Rural Health Services

The NZIRH’s advisory approach is simple: we develop a clear understanding of your organisation, its goals and the tangible outcomes you seek to achieve; by working in collaboration with you to deliver innovative and enduring outcomes.

We have a specific focus on rural health matters and bring a unique set of knowledge and experience regarding rural health policy, governance, planning and funding, clinical practice and service modelling, epidemiology, information technology, and rural health service management. NZIRH’s advisory team have extensive national and international experience in health, the public and private sectors, which enables us to exceed our clients, expectations.

NZIRH’s advisors have not only held governance, executive and/or clinical positions in leading health and public sector organisation such as district health boards, primary and hospital clinical service providers, tertiary education institutions, central government, and technology firms; but also an extensive set of experience in consulting and advisory. This background provides NZIRH with a distinct advantage over other advisors, in our ability to deliver high quality results faster in comparison to other health sector advisory organisations.

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