The New Zealand Institute of Rural Health recognises that there is currently a lack of objective information relating to the health and health workforce of rural New Zealand.

The Associate Professor of Rural Health (Medical) and the role of Senior Lecturer of Rural Health (Nursing) lead and participate in research activity to provide robust data, which will assist the New Zealand Institute of Rural Health in developing programmes to better support rural health needs.

Priority research areas are identified as the workforce, Maori health, and the monitoring and evaluation of existing and new models of healthcare.

Current research activity includes:

The survey is to include rural health professionals with a focus on doctors, nurses, midwives and pharmacists.

The survey will also seek to identify services available locally to rural communities.

Recent research activity includes :

  • Learning at a Distance. Examines how North Island rural health professionals use the internet to keep up to date with
    health information.
  • Barriers to National Screening Programmes. Searches for reasons as to why some women do not return for recommended routine follow-up screening tests.
  • Lifestyle screening designed to screen for smoking, alcohol and drug misuse, problem gambling, depression, anxiety, abuse, anger, sedentary lifestyle and weight issues in general practice.
  • Identification of indicators that can be used to measure the health of rural communities – literature review.
  • Survey of Spouses/Partners of rural General Practitioners.
  • Recruitment and Retention of Student and Registered Nurses for the Rural Health Sector in New Zealand
  • How Secondary School Career Advisors in Rural Waikato Assist a Student’s Decision Making in Relation to Health Science Based Careers.
  • Report on a Survey of Spouses/Partners of Rural General Practitioners
  • Improving Hospital Referral and Discharge for Rural Patients through the use of a Practice/Hospital Interface Manager (PHIM).

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