Working Rurally

The life of a rural health professional is rarely an easy one, however, there are a number of benefits, sometimes intangible, of working with a backdrop of some of the most beautiful scenery the world has to offer, within closely-knit communities. The New Zealand Institute of Rural Health assists with locum placements, which are an ideal way to get to know rural New Zealand. If you have any enquiries about locum work, please email Dr George Tripe. George will be happy to share his experiences of locum work in Australia and New Zealand, as well as providing detailed insight into working in rural New Zealand.

The New Zealand Institute of Rural Health is also committed to a long-term solution to relieving the rural health workforce crisis. Evidence and research, mainly from Australia at this point, indicates that in order to attract health professionals to rural practice, recruitment needs to commence in schools with undergraduate curricula offering either targeted rural streams or large amounts of exposure to rural settings in the main curriculum.

We are working with educational facilities and rural providers to influence curriculum development and to create well supported rural opportunities for students. For example, we see the development of scholarships for rural students and the creation of rural support clubs are effective ways of influencing students’ career choices towards rural practice.